Crime Con Convention 2024 Recap: Safely Team's Engaging Weekend in Nashville

Crime Con Convention 2024 Recap: Safely Team's Engaging Weekend in Nashville

A few weekends ago, from May 31st to June 2nd, the Safely Team had the incredible opportunity to attend the renowned Crime Con Convention in Nashville as an exhibitor. We were thrilled to connect with true crime enthusiasts, educate attendees on personal safety, and showcase our latest products. Here's a detailed recap of our exciting weekend.

Engaging with Attendees

Our booth was buzzing with activity throughout the event. Positioned near notable exhibitors like @killer_bee_tactical, @survivingthesurvivor, and @truecrimecast, we were in prime company. Visitors flocked to our booth, eager to learn about our personal safety devices and participate in interactive demonstrations.

Pepper Spray Demonstrations

One of the highlights of our presence at Crime Con was teaching attendees how to use our high-performance pepper spray. With a maximum strength of 1.4% MC and 10% OC, our lab-tested pepper spray delivers up to 25 quick bursts, reaching distances of up to 10 feet. The added UV-Dye ensures assailants can be identified even after the initial encounter. Attendees appreciated the keychain design and the ease of quick access thanks to its pop-out case.

Practice Spray Sessions

Understanding the importance of familiarity and preparedness, we also provided practice spray sessions using our 100% water-filled canisters. These sessions allowed attendees to gain confidence in their ability to use pepper spray effectively in real-life situations, emphasizing our commitment to safety through practice.

Introducing the Sidekick

The star of our exhibit was undoubtedly our latest self-defense device, the Sidekick. This handheld marvel integrates five self-defense tools into one compact unit:

  • Pepper Spray: The same powerful spray as our standalone product.
  • Flashlight: A bright 150-lumen light to illuminate dark areas.
  • Alarm: A piercing 130dB alarm that strobes when activated, attracting attention and disorienting threats.
  • Glass Breaker: An essential tool for emergencies.
  • Grip Options: Available with either knux or a strap for secure handling.

Attendees were excited to see the Sidekick in action and many walked away with their own, feeling empowered and prepared.

Networking with True Crime Podcasters

The convention provided a fantastic platform to connect with influential podcasters in the true crime community. We had engaging conversations with @likemotherlikemurder, who focuses on true crime from a mom's perspective,  @momsandmysteriespodcast, a duo dedicated to discussing true crime cases, and @truecrimecast two friends who talk about pressing safety issues. These interactions were invaluable, and we look forward to potential collaborations that will amplify our message of safety and preparedness.


Highlight: Interview with Vinnie Politan on COURT TV

A major highlight of the weekend was our interview with Vinnie Politan on COURT TV. We discussed the importance of personal safety, the features of our innovative products, and shared some insightful tips on self-defense. This exposure was a fantastic opportunity to reach a wider audience and underscore the mission of Safely Team.


Crime Con Convention 2024 was a resounding success for the Safely Team. From educating attendees about our products to forging meaningful connections with true crime enthusiasts and influencers, the event was a testament to our commitment to personal safety. We are excited to build on the momentum generated at Crime Con and continue our mission to empower individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth – we can’t wait to see you at the next event!

Stay safe and prepared, The Safely Team


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