Once upon a time, four young college women connected over a need to feel safer in their everyday lives. They craved a space to feel heard, seen, and secure. They started with each other. Together, they shared their stories to understand why personal safety was such a common pain point for women, and they envisioned what a world would look like where people felt prepared, not scared.

They quickly realized that people everywhere are concerned for their personal safety—not just people on their college campus, not just students, and not just women. They expanded their mission. All types of people, wherever they may be, deserve to feel safe in their daily lives. They started by doing their research and were proactive in uncovering what they could do to help people everywhere feel safer and more connected. 

What they realized is that it starts with you. Your life. Your safety. Your voice.

These four women stayed true to their mission through the years, and their vision of a safety movement grew bigger and stronger. We are those four women, and today we call ourselves Team Safely. As a team, we are here to start this conversation. Together, we will create a space to use our voices and connect over shared experiences. Our mission is to create a safer tomorrow through providing resources, events, and products.

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