How to Use Your Sidekick

Meet the Sidekick


The Safely Sidekick is the first device of its kind. Made by women for women, the Sidekick is your perfect companion for doing what you want, when you want, however you want—safely.

It's a customizable self-defense device with up to 5 tools in 1 handheld device.

What are the 5 Tools?

  1. Pepper Spray
  2. Flashlight
  3. Alarm
  4. Grip: Strap or Knux
  5. Attachments: Glass Breaker or Keychain

Details on the Tools

1. Pepper Spray

  • Maximum Strength Formula: Lab tested (HPLC), UV marking dye, 1.4% MC, 10% OC.
  • Powerful Stream Spray: Up to 25 bursts with a maximum spray distance of 10 ft.
  • Long-Lasting: Shelf life of 4 years.
  • Highly Functional: Compatible with safely pepper spray & practice spray inserts, so you can replace and practice as needed.
  • Locks in Place: Locks the device into place and is safety lock secured.

2. Flashlight

  • Very Bright: Up to 150 lumens.
  • Two Modes: Consistent bright light for vision or a flashing light to draw attention.
  • User Friendly & Efficient: One-button operation and long-lasting battery life.
  • Battery Life: Multiple hour battery life when the alarm isn’t activated. 

3. Alarm

  • Extremely Loud: Up to 130dB.
  • Multi-Functional: When activated, the alarm will sound and the flashlight will strobe.
  • Safe Mode Option: If you lose your pull pin or are unable to replace it, you can hold down the flashlight button for 5 seconds to turn off the alarm and continue to use the flashlight.

4. Grip

  • Intimidating: Knux grip provides an intimidation factor.
  • Secure: Strap grip secures the device to your hand. You can tighten the strap grip by pulling down on the strap and velcroing the device.
  • Interchangeable: Each grip fits onto your Sidekick and can be replaced.

5. Attachments

  • Keychain: The keychain can be used to efficiently carry extra items in one hand. All sidekick orders come with a keychain.
  • Glass Breaker: - The glass breaker is designed for emergency situations where breaking glass is necessary. Currently, it is still under testing for its effectiveness on car windows. 
  • Interchangeable: Both the keychain and glass breaker can be attached to your Sidekick as needed.

How to Use the Sidekick

To use the pepper spray, unlock & press down at the top of the device. Learn more here. If you're replacing your pepper spray, be sure the nozzle is facing forward as indicated by the arrow on the top of the grip.

To turn on the flashlight, click the button at the top of the device. Click twice to turn it off.

To turn on the strobe light, click the button twice at the top of the device. Click once more to turn the strobe light off.

To activate the alarm, remove the pull-pin at the bottom of the device. Deactivate by inserting the pull-pin back into the device or holding down the button for 5 seconds.

To attach the glass breaker or keychain, unscrew one from the bottom of the device and screw the other on.

To switch the grip, remove the pepper spray from the device (make sure it's locked!). Then, slide the grip up the device and off. Place a new grip on by sliding from the top down. Lock the grip in place by inserting the pepper spray canister back into the device with the nozzle facing forward, as indicated by the arrow on the top of the grip.

If you are using practice spray in the device, it functions the same as the pepper spray outlined above.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us and ask!