How to Use Your Pepper Spray

If you’ve already purchased your pepper spray, you’re one step closer to peace of mind. But first, it’s important to learn how to use your pepper spray so that you are prepared to defend yourself, if needed.

Follow these 4 steps to learn how to use your pepper spray.

Step 1: With the nozzle facing away from you, aim the pepper spray at your target.

Our pepper spray is lab tested to ensure maximum strength, with 1.4% Major Capsaicinoids (MC) in each canister. In other words, it’s VERY hot!

The first step in using your pepper spray is key to keeping you safe by not getting it on you, your skin, your eyes, your clothes, or your belongings.

To do that, you must ensure that your pepper spray is locked in the canister correctly. If it’s locked in place, the lock should be directly in front of your thumb and the nozzle facing outwards.

This will best prepare you for safely unlocking your pepper spray for use.

Step 2: Unlock your pepper spray.

Your pepper spray is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental deployment.

To correctly unlock your pepper spray, you’ll want to make sure you use your thumb and not your index finger.

Your thumb allows for more control, force, and aim for the moment when you use your pepper spray.

Once unlocked, the nozzle on your pepper spray should be in the direction your thumb points, which is—you guessed it—away from you.

Step 3: Spray your target.

With your thumb on your unlocked pepper spray, point the nozzle at your target. The spray will reach up to 10 feet away, so there’s no need to get exceptionally close. We recommend standing as far away as possible to protect you from the assailant as well as any pepper spray residue that could accidentally get on you.

Use your thumb to press & hold the spray down, creating a stream of pepper spray. You want to stream to hit your target’s eyes, slightly moving back and forth from left to right to properly cover your target’s face.

You’ll also notice the spray contains UV dye to help identify your target, so you can see exactly where the pepper spray is landing and how to adjust your aim, if needed.

Step 4: Lock & leave.

After you’ve used your pepper spray, be sure to lock it back in place. Again, the lock should be all the way to the left, leaving the nozzle unexposed.

Then, call 911 and run to go find help.

Other Considerations

Lastly, we recommend following all of these steps in order to test your pepper spray and make sure you’re ready to carry & use it.

When spraying your pepper spray for the test, make sure you are in a well-ventilated space, most likely outdoors, with a target that will not be harmed (so no people, plants, animals, etc.). We recommend using a poster board or piece of cardboard outside in an open area.

You’ll also only want to spray a small amount, rather than holding your pepper spray down with a constant stream. This is to make sure you’ll have plenty of pepper spray left after testing to use if & when you need to.

After you’ve tested your pepper spray, make sure to dispose of your target safely and properly according to the disposal guidelines in your community.

Learn how to follow all of these steps to use & test your pepper spray in our 1-minute video.

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