Run Recap - ATX Run

Run Recap - ATX Run

Learning About Our Self-Defense Devices: Hands-On Fun

A few weekends ago, a Safely team member had the pleasure of attending the ATX Run hosted by Running Mate, with Safely proudly serving as a partner. Held at 7 am on May 18th at Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX, the event attracted several notable running influencers. Safely took this opportunity to educate attendees on using pepper spray, provided practice sessions, and introduced the innovative Safely Sidekick. Here’s a detailed recap of this exciting event.

Mastering the Pepper Spray

First, we introduced our powerful Pepper Spray. With a maximum strength formula of 1.4% MC and 10% OC, it can spray up to 10 feet and has 25 quick bursts. The UV-Dye helps law enforcement identify attackers. Participants loved the keychain feature and the quick-access design. We demonstrated effective carrying and deploying techniques, boosting everyone's confidence.

Practice Makes Perfect

Next, participants used our Practice Spray, filled with water for safe practice. We allowed participants to spray each other, helping everyone get comfortable with aiming and deploying the spray. This hands-on practice significantly increased their confidence.

Meet the Sidekick

We showcased the Sidekick, our latest multi-tool self-defense device. It includes pepper spray, a 150-lumen flashlight, a 130dB alarm with strobe, a glass breaker, and grip options. Participants were impressed by how many features there were and how the device was still light enough for easy carrying while running. The customizable grip options were a hit.

Hands-On Learning

The hands-on approach proved to be the best way to get comfortable with these devices. By the end of the event, participants felt empowered and prepared to protect themselves. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many feeling much more confident in their ability to use our tools effectively.

In summary, our training event was a great success. Participants left feeling knowledgeable and ready, with a solid understanding of how to use our Pepper Spray, Practice Spray, and Sidekick. We look forward to more events like this to keep our community safe and confident! 

To learn more about our upcoming events, check out our events page.

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