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Safety Tips for Your Next Run

It shouldn't have to be this way, but as runners, our safety often requires extra consideration and vigilance. Here are some tips that can help you stay safer on your runs. As a runner, your safety is of utmost importance. Whether you’re pounding the pavement around your neighborhood or trekking further afield, taking steps to ensure you remain safe and healthy while running is important. In this blog post we will discuss tips on how to stay secure while out enjoying an invigorating run! These tips are here to help you make smart choices that will help keep you safe from harm. So grab those sneakers – it’s time for a safer running experience!

lights on sidewalk at night

Tip 1: Always Run in Well-lit Areas

Whenever possible, stick to well-lit areas when running at night. This will help keep you safe by making it easier for drivers to see you and avoid any potential collisions. It also helps keep other people away since well-lit areas tend to have more foot traffic. If there's no option but to run in a dark area, consider bringing a small flashlight with you or wearing reflective clothing so drivers can better spot you on the road.

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Tip 2:  Carry a Phone with You

Carrying a phone with you is essential whenever going out for a run, regardless of what time it is. In cases of emergency—such as an accident or injury—having access to your phone will allow you to call for help right away without having to backtrack all the way home. Even if nothing happens during your run, having access to your phone will give you peace of mind knowing that help is just a call away if something goes wrong.

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Tip 3: Carry Self Defense 

When running alone, it's always best practice to carry some form of self defense (e.g., pepper spray). This will give you an added layer of protection should someone try to attack or confront you while out on your run. Having this type of defense may scare an attacker off and deter them from trying anything again in the future! Additionally, carrying self defense gives an extra boost of confidence knowing that if anything does happen, there’s something close at hand that could potentially save your life! The safely pepper spray keychain is the perfect self-defense item to bring on your run since it is pocket-sized. You can purchase yours here.

Whether it’s day or night, taking simple precautions like these can go a long way towards keeping yourself safe while running outdoors. Runners should feel empowered rather than scared by taking these extra steps towards protecting themselves while out on their runs! With just a few simple tips like those outlined above, any runner should feel safer knowing she has taken extra precautions for their safety and peace of mind!

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