Quick Self-Defense Tips

Self-Defense Tips in Under 6 Minutes

Learning how to protect yourself is essential. Knowing how to defend yourself in a worst-case scenario will allow you to walk confidently and protect your peace of mind. 

We’ve surfed the web and found one of the best free YouTube Videos out there to teach you a few quick self-defense tips. Watching this video could seriously save your life. Always remember, that if you can get out of a situation by running and using your voice do so - these tips are for those situations where escaping easily is not possible. 

We recommend watching this video with a friend or family member and turning it into a fun activity. Make sure to practice the tips you learn in front of the mirror to be extra prepared! 

“Simple Self Defense Moves You Should Know” goes over these tips: 

#1 If an Attacker Grabs Your Arm

Here's how to react: 

  1. Point your elbow up 
  2. Slice downwards using your Core 

#2 If an Attacker Grabs You From Behind 

Here's how to react: 

  1. Grab attackers arms and pull yourself in 
  2. Swing your hips to one side 
  3. Make a fist and strike the groin repeatedly 
  4. Turn towards the attacker quickly 
  5. Interlock your hands behind the attacker's neck 
  6. Knee upwards in the groin area

#3 An Attacker Grabs You and Holds You in the Air 

Here's how to react: 

  1. Hold on to your attacker
  2. Kick repeatedly in the groin area 

#4 An Attacker Puts You in a Choke Hold 

Here's how to react:

  1. Lift your arm up 
  2. Turn your whole body to the opposite side of the arm you lifted
  3. Crunch your body trapping the attacker’s hand
  4. Rotate up and elbow your attacker in the face 

#5 An Attacker Grabs Your Hair 

Here's how to react:

  1. Lock both of your hands on top of the attacker's hands
  2. Squeeze your elbows in to protect your face 
  3. Go under the attacker's arm and up and around 
  4. Push the attacker’s arm forward to dislocate the attacker’s shoulder

Best places to aim - eyes, nose, throat, and the groin area. 

Being confident in your ability to protect yourself is a game-changer. We hope you never have to use any of these 5 self-defense tips. But, please remember to practice them just in case! If you are interested in learning how to protect your apartment or dorm room, check out this article.

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